Trouble with activating a Ubisoft Game

The Ubisoft servers are funky. The most common issue is that nothing happens when you click on the "Activate Content" button and follow the instructions. It usually means connectivity problems. So, what do you do?

First, try a couple more times.

If this method fails, disable your security software including Windows Defender and all browser apps and extensions if you are using them and try to activate the game again. Don't forget to turn them on again afterwards! Also try to disable 2-step verification on your Ubisoft Connect account if it is enabled or use a different browser. You can also try using the Incognito mode.

Now if this doesn't work, please contact us using this form. We'll make sure to help you out ASAP!

Oh, and one more thing: this issue is sometimes caused by regional restrictions. Which means that sometimes it may not be possible for you to activate the game if you've used a VPN while making the purchase or you were abroad.

"Can you just send me the key?"

Ubisoft insisted on so-called "silent activation" of their products. Basically it means that serial keys are stored on Ubisoft servers and we don't have access to them. We simply send a request there to reserve the product for you, and there is no way to speed up the process. Practically all of the official Ubisoft partners have been using this type of activation for quite a while already and GamersGate is not an exception.