My character gets stuck in the ground / the game crashes when I'm loading up a save etc.

As much as we'd like to know about every technical issue regarding every game in our store, it's hardly possible. The best we can do is give you directions:

First and foremost, check the official forums of the developer / game itself.
Then, proceed to unofficial forums. Sometimes, a 40-year old plumber from Kentucky has already solved your problem 9 years ago in some God-forsaken corner of the Internet.
If none of the solutions that you find help you, contact us using this form and make sure to include the following:

1) Your account name
2) Your order ID, if the question is about a specific order
3) The full name of the game
4) Full description of the problem. Preferably include images, error texts, screenshots and everything that is relevant and may help.
We'll try our best to help you out ASAP!