Game doesn't work!

Now now, don't panic. It doesn't necessarily mean the game is broken or faulty by itself — there can be tons of other reasons, some of which you can find in this very FAQ, so make sure to read it carefully. If you can't find the answer, don't hesitate to contact us using this form.

There are a few general tips you should follow to make sure the game is installed properly:

- Upgrade your video drivers to the latest version — at least DirectX 9c. Actually, many games NEED 9c to work. Running 10 or 11 are not always good enough. DirectX can be found at
- Speaking of Vista, if you're running it or XP, it is better to have administrative rights on your account.
- You also may try using Compatibility Mode when running games on Vista: right click on the game icon, choose Properties tab and there will be a "Compatibility" tab with different settings. Figuring out what kind of compatibility mode you want to run is a hassle, but it's surprisingly effective.
- Sometimes lowering down security / or turning it off and see if it changes the situation is a great idea — it may block the execution or files or block access to/from them. Remember, none of our downloads can have viruses in them.
- If you have a problem with a game, try downloading it one more time, but not to the root folder — try a system folder like Desktop or C:/Program Files.
- If you still have no progress see if you can try to download and install on another PC and check if it is a game related problem, or a PC related one.
But then again, it's probably easier just to contact us using this form.