Unauthorised Purchase! What do I do if my payment data has been used fraudulently?

Unfortunately, fraudulent transactions do happen, but we here at GamersGate AB do our best to prevent them at early stages. Personal data breaches usually occur on different Internet resources or can be a result of email phishing. There are several online services, which you can use to check whether your personal data has been compromised by data breaches on different websites you visit.

If you have received an order confirmation email from GamersGate but you haven't purchased anything, then you might have had your PayPal account/bank card data and email address compromised. In this case, we recommend you do the following:

1) Change your PayPal and email passwords as soon as possible to prevent any further fraudulent transactions. Make sure to use a complex password.

2) Contact PayPal support or the bank that issued your card and let them know about the fraudulent purchases.

3) Contact our customer service using this form. Provide the transaction id so that our support agents can locate it immediately and initiate a refund.