How many times can I download and/or install my games? Will I be able to install the game on another computer?

It depends on the DRM. Games using SecuRom, Starforce or any other copy protection tools can only be installed a limited number of times. However the limit can usually be lifted by publishers. As for the DRM-free products along with games that use Steam, EGS, Uplay etc. — you can download and install them as many times as you like! Install them on your PC, your Smart Fridge, your Smart Toaster, your Tesla, anything goes as long as the game permits it.

If your game uses the GamersGate Launcher, you can install it on another device by following these steps:
1) Transfer the "download .exe" file and "GamersGate temporary files" folder to another computer and place them in the same folder.
2) Run the "download .exe" file and enter your GG account credentials.
3) The installation process will start automatically if "GamersGate temporary files" folder and the "download .exe" file are in the same folder.
If you run into an activation limit, the best way to go about it is contacting the publisher. Please contact us using this form, and we will try our best to connect you.