How do I keep my DRM free games backup files if I don't have an active Internet connection?

It's very likely that each time you install your DRM free games you delete the "GamersGate temporary files" folder as suggested by our GG Launcher.

If you are going to install one of your DRM free games on another computer which doesn't have an Internet connection, all you need to do is to download the game to your main computer and keep the "GamersGate temporary files" folder along with the download.exe file.

When transferring the game's backup files to another computer it is important to put the "GamersGate temporary files" folder and the download .exe file in the same parent folder next to each other. This will allow you to start the installation process right after you click on the download.exe file and enter your GG account credentials. Otherwise, if the "GamersGate temporary files" folder is missing the GG Launcher will attempt to download the game again from our servers.

Note: The game installation should be started using the download exe file. It cannot be done manually from the "GamersGate temporary files" folder.