Tages activation

Tages is an older DRM and the product activation can be very tricky — but this instruction will help you to activate your game:

1) Log in to your GamersGate account, go to "My Games" section, download the game via GamersGate Downloader and install it on your PC.

2) So, you have the game installed. Start the game by double clicking on the game's exe file in the root folder or its desktop shortcut icon. Make sure you are running the game with the necessary user privileges — i.e. try running it as an administrator via “Run as Administrator” in the context menu of the executable.

3) At the first launch you will be prompted to install the latest Tages drivers. Click "Yes".

4) Next, you will be asked to enter your activation code. Would be perfect if you copy the code to clipboard and paste it into the field to avoid any typos and click "Next".

Tages activation pic 1

5) In the next window choose the second option "My Internet connection is active: I would like to send the data to the server" and click "Next" to activate the game.

Tages activation pic 2

That's it. You can now enjoy the game!

Important! Keep in mind that the activation process may be blocked by security software. Please make sure to disable your antivirus and firewall for the time the activation process takes. Don't forget to turn it back on once the activation is complete.