You... and who else?

  • You... and who else?
  • You... and who else?
  • You... and who else?
  • You... and who else?
  • You... and who else?
  • You... and who else?
  • You... and who else?
  • You... and who else?
  • You... and who else?
  • You... and who else?
  • You... and who else?

About this game

YOU... and who else? is an addictive Strategy game developed by Aldorlea Games (Asguaard, Moonchild, Dreamscape etc.).

  • Recruit troops, improve your skills, conquer castles and progressively unite the world under one banner.
  • Before entering the battlefield, use awards to enhance the capabilities of your generals, and then select one of them according to their units and skills to face off and defeat an enemy wave.

Strategyis a key element.

If you choose well, a general can defeat 3-4 enemy waves. But on the other hand, one mistake may have drastic consequences. Are you a good enough tactician to defeat all the enemy waves and conquer the world? Features


  • 10-20 hours of playtime
  • Up to 80 playable characters with their own strengths and weakness
  • 30+ locations to explore
  • Tons of items to increase the strategic aspect
  • 4 difficulty modes and end rating

    The more you play the game, the more you can know about your own troops (and your enemy's, since they are identical) but also the monsters. The best strategies come with the greater knowledge of the game. It's important to note that, like your troops, monsters have levels, and can develop new skills and behaviors as they level up. For instance, the rat cannot poison early on, but can at higher levels. The best tactic is to pick a general that will suffer little to no damage against a wave. If you're able to predict how the enemy side will behave, you can emerge victorious!

    A General gets a 3rd unit at Lv3 and a 4th (and final) unit at Lv6. Try to have your most important Generals reach these levels as soon as possible by letting them kill the final wave (gives the most experience points) or awarding them with medals that give extra experience points or levels.

    NB: All achievements in this game can be obtained in Conquest Mode.


    To know the attributes of a character or troop, look into the equipment menu (WPN TYPE). TALENT(S) indicates what the character is able to do.

    • THE ARCHER: has pre-emptive hits
    • THE DUELLIST: counters hits
    • THE CHAMPION: counters skills
    • THE CRUSADER: has a very strong defense
    • THE WIZARD: is the master of fire magic
    • THE THIEF: can steal a few gold coins every fight
    • THE MUSKETEER: has pre-emptive hits
    • THE PROTECTOR: decreases damage taken by any party member
    • THE MIMIC: gets stronger with more gold
    • THE ACROBAT: can tame the enemy
    • THE BEASTMISTRESS: can tame and seduce the enemy
    • THE LANCER: hits twice
    • THE PRIESTESS: can learn a strong spell against dark enemies
    • THE VAMPIRE: is deadly against humans and can seduce them
    • THE ZOMBIE: is even deadlier against humans and can tear them apart
    • THE SPIDER: hits multiple times
    • THE DARK KNIGHT: deals crazy damage


System requirements

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8/10
2GHz or higher
128 MB RAM
DirectX 9.0 Compatible
200 MB available space
Version 9.0
DirectX 9.0 Compatible Sound