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About this game

With most of its crew missing and its weapons systems ruined the space research station Aegis is all but lost. As the last remaining pilot you must help rebuild the station’s defences, acquire alien technology and create your own uniquely configured set of fighters. By mining the asteroids within the grid dimension, valuable resources can be harvested to fuel the Aegis’s molecular furnace and build devastating weaponry. Within the nodes of the grid you will encounter allies to aid in the struggle to escape, uncover the terrible purpose of the evil Archnid race and learn why you and the rest of the crew were brought here

  • Beautifully rendered 32bit colour graphics.
  • Instant action mode for quick thrills.
  • See how long you can last in survival mode.
  • Thumping music sound track and sound effects.
  • Five weapon technology threads to research and build.
  • Five massive zones to explore, each with unique content.
  • Make alliances with friendly aliens and trade technology.
  • Direct and protect your space station.
  • Create your own “garage” of unique space fighters tailored to your own specifications.
  • Mine the asteroids, gather raw elements, research new technologies and build new items.
  • Recover the missing drive components and rescue your missing crewmates before escaping ‘The Grid’.

System requirements

Pentium II 300 MHz or higher
128Mb or more free system memory
Any Hardware 3D graphics accelerator with 32Mb or more of onboard memory
DirectX 8 or higher
Any DirectSound compatible soundcard