Premier Manager 05/06

  • Premier Manager 05/06
  • Premier Manager 05/06
  • Premier Manager 05/06
  • Premier Manager 05/06
  • Premier Manager 05/06
  • Premier Manager 05/06
  • Premier Manager 05/06
  • Premier Manager 05/06

About this game

Premier Manager returns for another season, with overhauled presentation and an enhanced interface that makes the world of football management even more accessible.

Premier Manager gives you the chance to be part of the whole glory-filled football management experience like never before. From the chance to coach local teams to promotion, to the challenge of leading your team to cup victory, you have the fate of your club resting on your shoulders.

  • Realistic football management experience with a first-rate logic system
  • Compete in 12 cup titles and pick from nearly 10,000 players
  • Play through 14 divisions across the UK and Europe

Being a manager is about getting the best out of people. Getting the best performance from your players and coaching staff, getting the support of the board and the media, and the best deals out of other clubs and player agents.

Get it right and it can seem like the easiest job in the world - everyone thinks you’re great - but all it takes is a little bit of bad luck and you’ll be hanging on by your fingertips!

Pick your team from one of the five European leagues (UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany) running simultaneously and take complete control of transfers, tactics, team management, squad rotation, finances and club development.

You’ll be requesting money to rebuild the squad from your chairman, issuing instructions to trainers and coaches, handling negotiations with player agents, massaging player’s egos and trying to fend off the more intrusive members of the press.

What will be more important: taking control of a training session, doing a newspaper interview or renegotiating a contract? You’ll experience all the emotions of football management in Premier Manager 2005-2006. Now you’ve just got to find out if you’ve got what it takes…

System requirements

Windows XP
Windows 7 or newer
Intel from 2GHz or equivalent
Intel Core i3 @ 3.0GHz or higher
Shader Model 2.0 compatible graphics card
Intel HD 4000 or equivalent
670 MB available space
700 MB available space
Version 9.0
Version 11