Skin Wolfenstein II
Skin Wolfenstein II
Skin Wolfenstein II

Mega Man Soundtrack Vol. 4

Blue Coins




Mega Man Soundtrack Vol. 4

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Composer: Capcom Sound Team

01 Opening (NES ver.)
02 Opening 2 (NES ver.)
03 Title (NES ver.)
04 Password (NES ver.)
05 Stage Select (NES ver.)
06 Game Start (NES ver.)
07 Bright Man Stage (NES ver.)
08 Toad Man Stage (NES ver.)
09 Drill Man Stage (NES ver.)
10 Pharaoh Man Stage (NES ver.)
11 Ring Man Stage (NES ver.)
12 Dust Man Stage (NES ver.)
13 Dive Man Stage (NES ver.)
14 Skull Man Stage (NES ver.)
15 Get Items (NES ver.)
16 Boss (NES ver.)
17 Stage Clear (NES ver.)
18 Get A Weapon (NES ver.)
19 Dr. Cossack Stage Map  (NES ver.)
20 Dr. Cossack Sage 1 (NES ver.)
21 Dr. Cossack Sage 2 (NES ver.)
22 Dr. Wily Stage Map (NES ver.)
23 Dr.Wily Stage 1 (NES ver.)
24 Dr.Wily Stage 2 (NES ver.)
25 Last Boss (NES ver.)
26 All Stage Clear (NES ver.)
27 Ending (NES ver.)
28 Staff Roll (NES ver.)
29 Game Over (NES ver.)
30 Capcom Logo
31 Opening (PS ver.)
32 Opening 2 (PS ver.)
33 Title (PS ver.)
34 Password (PS ver.)
35 Stage Select (PS ver.)
36 Game Start (PS ver.)
37 Bright Man Stage (PS ver.)
38 Toad Man Stage (PS ver.)
39 Drill Man Stage (PS ver.)
40 Pharaoh Man Stage (PS ver.)
41 Ring Man Stage (PS ver.)
42 Dust Man Stage (PS ver.)
43 Dive Man Stage (PS ver.)
44 Skull Man Stage (PS ver.)
45 Get Items (PS ver.)
46 Boss (PS ver.)
47 Stage Clear (PS ver.)
48 Get A Weapon (PS ver.)
49 Dr. Cossack Stage Map (PS ver.)
50 Dr. Cossack Stage 1 (PS ver.)
51 Dr. Cossack Stage 2 (PS ver.)
52 Dr. Wily Stage Map (PS ver.)
53 Dr. Wily Stage 1 (PS ver.)
54 Dr. Wily Stage 2 (PS ver.)
55 Last Boss (PS ver.)
56 All Stage Clear (PS ver.)
57 Ending (PS ver.)
58 Staff Roll (PS ver.)
59 Staff Roll (PS)
60 Game Over (PS ver.)
61 Mode Select
62 Dr. Light Lab
63 Mission Mode Result
64 Soldier Of The Underworld (Skull Man)
65 Frolic Funk Dance (Ring Man)
66 Find My Way to the Top (Wily)