Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands


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 A long time ago, when dragons and humans live together……
The fire dragon’s country in the high mountain, the ice dragon’s country in the sea, and the forest dragon’s country in the forest have a strong military force based on dragon knights who could tame the dragons.

To reinforce sympathy between dragons and their knights as well as increase production, farms that produce dragon’s eggs are prevalent in many towns. The person who protects and manages these farms is called “Dragonester.”

You will be “Dragonester”; you will try to develop your town as well as protect the world peace.

Game Feature
Fantasy World!!  Manage Dragon’s nest, by collecting, processing and selling Dragon’s egg to the market. Upgrade your home town using revenues of the egg sale to protect from Dark Dragon and Sweep up Dark Dragon by making Silver Dragon’s egg. Establish and upgrade several production plants, you can enjoy shooting mode to wipe up trouble maker by buying five weapons. Besides basic story mode stages, you may refill insufficient money and enjoy a new and different story mode games through additional quests which are full of various puzzle and shooting. Become the Master of “Dragonester” by means of producing big eggs of giant and silver dragons and expensive jewels through collecting three types of small eggs.  
you can compare your score with other players connected in Internet.


  • Three level upgrading systems of fake buildings for incubating, centrifugal separating, researching alchemy, and holy place.
  • Can buy pistol, rifle, shotgun, machine gun and canon and can add 6 level skills.
  • There are various monsters invading against farm. i.e., big eye mob, fire slime, pirates plane and dark dragon, etc.
  • Making its own rich town through upgrading various buildings of home town.
  • May compare racking with other players through various stages, story mission, quest mission and dedicated ranking stages.


System Requirements

  • OS : Vista32/ 2000/ XP
  • CPU : Pentium3 500Mhz minimum
  • RAM : 512MB Minimum
  • More than Available 100M bytes HDD
  • DirectX 8.0 or Higher