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Bin Weevils Arty Arcade

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Bin Weevils Arty Arcade

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Push your imagination to the limit with Bin Weevils ARTY ARCADE!

Jump in to the wacky world of Bin Weevils and explore alongside your favourite characters! Collect a humongous amount of images and use a variety of cool tools to invent amazing, vibrant designs. 

Turn your ideas into an incredible selection of printable gifts such as masks, tattoos, t-shirt transfers and much, much more!

  • Use personal photos of friends and family and then hang your favourite designs on the wall in Dosh’s gallery.
  • Have fun using all the awesome special effect brushes and tools available from the different areas of the Binscape.
  • Use BIN WEEVILS ARTY ARCADE to have fun painting with many unique effects.
  • Invent amazing imagery using hundreds of backgrounds, characters, nest items and more.
  • Play with wacky and insane effects! Put your favourite characters into the washing machine or create bedlam with the desk fan and TV feedback effects.
  • Explore the Bin Weevils universe along with your favourite characters.
  • Experiment with incredible brushes! Paint with elephant trunks, balloon animals, squirrel tails and more.
  • Turn your own images into awesome printable gifts including T-shirt transfers, masks, greeting cards, tattoos and much, much more.
  • Mix your own amazing colours in Lab’s Lab using the musical paint jars.
  • Upload your photos and join in the fun.


System Requirements

  • PC: Windows XP or later
  • 512Mb RAM
  • 700Mb free hard drive
  • space, 1024x768 or higher screen resolution.
  • Note: This product requires a third-party download and account